Hallett Retail is a family run business with a unique business model. It employs a high percentage of women at all levels throughout the whole business.
The culture of the business ensures inclusivity by promoting flexible working to all employees, through family friendly policies, in order to attract and retain the best talent. This has been the business ethos since set up in 1999.

Our Gender Pay Gap Figures
Mean Gender Pay Gap 35.2%
Median Gender Pay Gap 19.6%
QUARTILE BAND (ordered by average hourly rates from lowest to highest) Proportion of Males Proportion of Females
Lower Quartile Band 2% 98%
Lower Middle Quartile Band 6% 94%
Upper Middle Quartile Band 3% 97%
Upper Quartile Band 18% 82%

Our Mean Gender Pay Gap is 35.2% and the Median Gender Pay Gap is 19.6%, which is a result of the gender split of employees, with women making up 93% of the workforce.
When the calculations are split into the three areas of the business (Stores, Head Office and Warehouse), the mean and median figures reduce dramatically;


A high percentage of the work force are employed in stores in customer facing roles such as; Sales Assistants, Supervisors and Concession Managers, with 98% of the roles filled by women. The nature of the business, which is women’s fashion and jewellery, tends to attract female applicants at store level, along with the flexible approach to employment.

In Head Office there are more management positions and roles in typically higher paid sectors such as Finance and IT and there is a negative Gender Mean Pay Gap of – 9.7% which means females earn average hourly pay is higher than the male average hourly pay at Head Office.

When the warehouse was purchased in 2012 (Hallett Retail Logistics), the existing management team was predominately male and although there is still a gender pay gap, this has been reduced significantly since 2012. The warehouse is now headed up by a female and by introducing more flexible working patterns, the percentage of women in management positions has increased and there are five managers who work flexibly.

Our overall gender gap is high as a result of the concentration of employees in lower paid positions in stores with a 98% female mix which seems to be the norm within the retail sector(s) in which we operate. This is a challenge to address, given our business model and as a result of this; corporate opportunities which typically attract a higher salary are limited at Hallett Retail and location often prevents store staff from applying for Head Office or Warehouse roles.


Wendy Hallett MBE
Managing Director